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Canadian Operating Room Leaders
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Welcome to the Canadian Operating Room Leaders (CORL) Web Site


Canadian Operating Room Leaders (CORL) is a volunteer network of perioperative professionals established in 1999. CORL's primary purpose is to advance leadership development and its Terms of Reference reflect collective efforts to enhance leaders' ability to thrive in their roles by sharing resources, knowledge, and expertise.

Our professional colleagues' opinions and workforce activities are founded in principles that support safe, current, and evidence-based perioperative patient care. CORL is an Affiliate of ORNAC and upholds its philosophy, mission, vision, and core values. We strive to inspire excellence in those individuals with leadership skills. We continuously rise to the new challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic and its impact on health care systems' attention and resources.

Consider joining CORL for only $10.00 annually when renewing your ORNAC membership or on the membership page of our website in the menus above.

We invite you to explore CORL, network with nurses, receive peer support and become an influencer to keep our patients safe coast to coast. Your leadership is needed.

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